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Carlos Quirarte and Matt Kliegman are known for creating New York City restaurants and
bars that never get old. Pebble Bar, their latest venture located in Rockefeller Center,
brings ’70s-inspired vibes plus the same gracious hospitality that make their downtown
spots mainstays in a fast-paced scene. We joined them in Midtown to discuss design,
details and personal uniforms.

Pebble Bar is sort of three different experiences.
One floor is a pub and bar with a vintage feel.
Upstairs, we’ll have reservation seating and more
nuanced drinks. Above that is an old piano room,
where your night could be whatever you make it.
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“I love the community that comes with designing a new place. I feel like every one of our spaces has really hardcore followers. I’m always excited to meet someone who feels the Jane Hotel is the best place they’ve been to, or loves to go to Ray’s Bar.”
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We create venues for
other people to enjoy
themselves in, and I think
how we dress reflects
that idea. We both like
well-crafted clothing and
tend to stick to our own
personal uniforms.
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“In a time when real estate developers are adding new towers everywhere, you simply can’t replicate the majesty that is Rockefeller Center. However, I think our motivation for a Midtown project really came from the creative world that happens around here: Broadway, Radio City Music Hall, NBC, all of the evening shows.”
A quick Q&A with
the restaurateurs
What’s a detail in Pebble Bar you’re excited about?CQ: Our friend Devon Ojas created beautiful speakers for the space. He’s been finding old RCA gear from the ’50s to rewire and rethink. Rockefeller Center used to be the RCA Building—there’s just so much history there.
What goes into your personal uniforms?MK: When Carlos and I first met, he was working in denim, so that’s always been an anchor for us. I recently started venturing into chinos, and I now own half a dozen colors that I’ll wear for a long time. I also love this Wallace & Barnes jacket and have been wearing it a ton.
What do you think guests will wear to Pebble Bar?MK: I think it’ll be a place where people can choose to dress up or not. I don’t think it will be too dissimilar from what we usually wear! Black denim definitely feels right. Over the decades in Midtown, people have dressed in all sorts of ways, and they always had great style.
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Behind the bar.
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