Studio HoursFLORA OBSCURA X J.CREWFounder and textile artist Alison Kelly uses plants and natural dyes to create her one-of-a-
kind floral motifs, and we're so excited to partner with her on a limited-edition capsule
collection. Our design team recently met up with Alison at the Textile Arts Center in Brooklyn
to learn more about the inspiration and creative process behind the prints.

When I’m walking around, no matter where I am,
I’ll never see flowers the same way. I’m always
thinking, ‘How can I dye with that?’
“I use all-natural fabrics because they take the dye the best, over synthetic fabrics. It all ends up being very harmonious.”
A few of Alison’s favorite materials to work with: fresh marigolds, dried hibiscuses and rose petals.

Obscura is kind of like a
shadow. I’m taking
something from the plant
and permanently imbuing
it into the cloth, so the
name Flora Obscura came
from this idea of the
shadow of the flower.
“I loved sharing the process with the J.Crew design team—from dyeing the
fabric, to arranging the flora to unveiling the finished product.”
X J.Crew
“We created both printed reproductions of my original designs and a few limited-edition, hand-dyed pieces. I love that the printed styles are easy to wash and wear on a day-to-day basis, and that people also have the opportunity to get a one-of-a-kind piece for more special situations.”
Side cut-out dress in kaleidoscope print
Limited-edition silk slip dress in
hand-dyed print
Tie-back plunge one-piece in kaleidoscope print
Limited-edition silk robe in
hand-dyed print
Smocked-waist top in
kaleidoscope print
Smocked tank in lavender fields
“My advice for people looking to pursue creative passions is to find places you can go to experiment. Find people in your life that expand you and just keep trying. It wasn’t until I found what I’m doing now that I felt complete as an artist.”
Our accessories designer Liv tries on
her hand-dyed scarf.
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